Crossing the Desktops in Gran Canaria

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Gran Canaria Desktop Summit ended just a few days ago, and now everyone is back to work sun-tanned and/or sun-burnt, but loaded with new ideas. The idea behind this summit was to organize GUADEC and aKademy, the yearly GNOME and KDE conferences, on the same spot so that developers from the two communities could get together and more freely exchange ideas.

The series of keynotes that opened the event was particularly interesting with, among others, Robert Lefkowitz sailing between computers and philosophy and, of course, Richard Stallman dressed up as St. IGNUcius.

We were given the chance to darken our hacker-pale skin a tiny bit thanks to the green towel that was offered to each participant. GNOME and KDE hackers alike delivered many keynotes and talks, especially cross-desktop talks to help explore and overcome problems encountered in both projects). Hacking and chatting on the beach was another popular conference activity.

All in all, one always comes back from such an event with starry eyes and a dreamy mind about the exciting (very near) future of the two desktops, and their tightened collaboration. Stay tuned for a lot of hot things happening soon in a desktop near you, and let's hope that next year's event will bring us the same amount of excitement and sunshine!