Google and Open Source Down Under: Open CeBIT 2008 in Sydney

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I was invited to talk at Open CeBIT in Sydney, Australia in May, and with the help of Chris DiBona and Leslie Hawthorn from Google's Open Source Team, I delivered a presentation on "Google and Open Source," complete with some of Chris' jokes and stories (though with an Australian accent). About 100 people, including politicians, government representatives, business leaders and members of the public were present, and had lots of interesting questions about Google Summer of Code™, Google Code, and how businesses in all forms of enterprise can learn from how Google has built on Open Source for its success. There were also lots of people interested in how to get started giving back to the Open Source community, with many people showing interest in the sheer number of Open Source projects to which Googlers contribute. Open CeBIT was a lot of fun and brought back fond memories of my past life having organized Open Source conferences.