The Spirit of Summer in Haiku

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Like Summer of Code,
The Haiku Code Drive is on.
Our meme keeps spreading.

We're always excited to hear about Google Summer of Code™-like programs that help bring new code and new developers into the community. The folks at the Haiku project, now participating in Summer of Code for their second year, have recently organized the Haiku Code Drive to introduce even more students to hacking on Haiku.

Jorge Mare
, Marketing Lead for Haiku, was kind enough to give us the inside scoop:

Haiku loves the Google Summer of Code for everything that it means. For a young project like Haiku, being accepted as a mentoring organization last year was like finally becoming a recognized member of the big open source family; we were totally thrilled. Of course, Summer of Code means much needed contributions to our code base, and we're excited to see the addition of 'young blood' to our pool of developers, nurturing our future generation of Haiku developers. Most of all, we love the basic idea behind the Summer of Code: introducing students to Open Source. In that very same spirit, this year we decided to launch our own similar program, which we've dubbed the Haiku Code Drive.

This is a community program whose goal is to sponsor students to work on Haiku-related projects. The twist is that the community funds the program and also gets to choose which projects are sponsored via a public poll. The project proposals for the Code Drive all come from projects proposals that were not funded through Summer of Code, and we are excited that our community is taking up the charge to fund these students' development. Check out these proposals to be ready for voting starting May 22nd:

We are currently accepting donations from the community until May 30th. The Haiku Code Drive 2008 poll will be held from May 22nd through the 29th, and the final decision of how many and which students will be sponsored is scheduled to be announced in the Haiku website on May 30th.

Are Summer of Code like programs happening in your community? We'd love to hear from you!