Welcome to the Google Open Source Blog

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Three years and some 320 posts ago, we launched the blog with a post detailing (with too many exclamation points) that we had released some 4 programs kicking off what was to become a very popular blog and an even more important site. Today, has grown to hundreds of thousands of pages, we've released millions of lines of code from Google here, and we are hosting tens of thousands of projects for the larger community of open source developers.

We didn't want to be overbearing with the posts tagged open source on the main blog, so we decided to spin out into our own blog, which is what you are now reading. It was certainly time. We looked at the upcoming posts coming out of our group and knew that to post all of them on the main blog would be excessive for those who don't live and breathe open source software like we do.

Google uses a vast amount of open source software from the operating system level on up, and it is our intention to be a good example of how a company of any size can interact with the outside world of open source developers. Google uses, patches, and release open source software almost every day. We host tens of thousands of open source projects here on Code, and we have created thousands of new open source developers through the Summer of Code and its high school cousin, GHOP. We've released literally millions of lines of code over the last three years and we do all of this to be as good a friend to the open source world as the world of open source developers have been to all computer science and the internet.

As dopey as it might sound, this blog is about celebrating that friendship, and hopefully by doing so, continue to deserve all that code that is so useful to all of us. Join us. Subscribe.