Announcing Knative 1.0!

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Today, the Knative project released version 1.0, reaching an important milestone that was possible thanks to the contributions and collaboration of over 600 developers. Over the last three years, Knative became the most widely-installed serverless layer on Kubernetes.

The Knative project was released by Google in July 2018, with the vision to systemize best practices in cloud native application development, with a focus on three areas: building containers, serving and scaling workloads, and eventing. It delivers an essential set of components to build and run serverless applications on Kubernetes, allowing webhooks and services to scale automatically, even down to zero. Open-sourcing this technology provided the industry with essential base primitives that are shared by all. Knative was developed in close collaboration with IBM, Red Hat, SAP, VMWare, and over 50 different companies. Google offers Cloud Run for Anthos for managed Knative serving that will be Knative 1.0 conformant.

The road to 1.0

Autoscaling (including scaling to zero), revision tracking, and abstractions for developers were some of the early goals of Knative. In addition to delivering on those goals, the project also incorporated support for multiple HTTP routing layers, support for multiple storage layers for Eventing concepts with common Subscription methods, and designed a “Duck types” abstraction to allow processing arbitrary Kubernetes resources that have common fields, to name a few changes.

Knative is now available at 1.0, and while the API is closed for changes, its definition is publicly available so anyone can demonstrate Knative conformance. This stable API allows customers and vendors to support portability of applications, and establishes a new cloud native developer architecture.

Get started with Knative 1.0

Install Knative 1.0 using the documentation on the website. Learn more about the 1.0 release on the Knative blog, and at the Knative community meetup on November 17, 2021, where you'll hear about the latest changes coming with Knative 1.0 from maintainer Ville Aikas. Join the Knative Slack space to ask questions and troubleshoot issues as you get acquainted with the project.

By María Cruz, Program Manager – Google Open Source