Announcing the First Group of Google Open Source Peer Bonus winners in 2021!

Thursday, April 8, 2021


Google Open Source Peer Bonus logo

The Google Open Source Peer Bonus program is designed to reward external open source contributors nominated by Googlers for their exceptional contributions to open source. We are very excited to announce our first group of winners in 2021!

Our current winners have contributed to a wide range of projects including Apache Beam, Kubernetes, Tekton and many others. We reward open source enthusiasts not only for their code contributions, but also community work, documentation, mentorships and other types of engagement.

We have award recipients from 25 countries all over the world: Austria, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Isle of Man, Italy, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Uganda, Taiwan, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Open source encourages innovation through collaboration and our modern world, and technology that we rely on, wouldn’t be the same without you—the contributors, who are in many cases volunteers. We would like to thank you for your hard work and congratulate you on receiving this award!

Below is the list of current winners who gave us permission to thank them publicly:

Kashyap JoisAndroid FHIR SDK
David AllisonAnkiDroid
Chad DombrovaApache Beam
Jeff KlukasApache Beam
Steve NiemitzApache Beam
Yoshiki ObataApache Beam
Jaskirat SinghCHAOSS - Community Health Analytics Open Source Software
Eric AmordeCocoaPods
Subrata Banikcoreboot
Ned & related CPython internals
Matthew BryantCursedChrome
Dmitry GutovEmacs/company-mode
Brian JostFirebase
Joe HinkleFirebase iOS SDK
Lorenzo FiamigoFirebase iOS SDK
Mike GerasymenkoFirebase iOS SDK
Morten Bek DitlevsenFirebase iOS SDK
Angel PonsFlashrom
Ole André Vadla RavnåsFrida
Junegunn Choifzf
Alex SaveauGradle Play Publisher
Nate GrahamKDE
Amit SagtaniKDE Community
Niklas HanssonKubeflow Pipelines
William TeoKubeflow Pipelines
Antonio OjeaKubernetes
Dan MangumKubernetes
Jian ZengKubernetes
Darrell Commanderlibjpeg-turbo
James (purpleidea)mgmt
Kareem ErgawyMLIR
Lily BallardNix / Fish
Eelco DolstraNix, NixOS, Nixpkgs
Samuel Dionne-RielNixOS
Dmitry DemenskyOpen source TypeScript definitions for Google Maps Platform
Kay WilliamsOpenSSF
Hassan Kibirigeplotnine
Henry Schreinerpybind11
Paul MoorePython 'pip' project
Tzu-ping ChungPython 'pip' project
Alex GrönholmPython 'wheel' project
Ramon Santamariaraylib
Alexander Weissrestic
Michael Eischerrestic
Ben Leshrxjs
Takeshi Nakatanis3fs
Daniel Wee Soong LimSymbiFlow
Unai Martinez-CorralSymbiFlow, Surelog, Verible, more
Andrea FrittoliTekton
Priti DesaiTekton
Vincent DemeesterTekton
Chengyu Zhangtestsmt & testsmt/yinyang
Dominik Winterertestsmt & testsmt/yinyang
Tom RiniU-Boot

Thank you for your contributions to open source!

By Maria Tabak — Google Open Source Programs Office