Announcing the Google Code-in 2016 Winners!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Drum roll please! We are very proud to announce the 2016 Google Code-in (GCI) Grand Prize Winners and Finalists. Each year we see the number of student participants increase, and 2016 was no exception: 1,340 students from 62 countries completed an impressive 6,418 tasks. Winners and Finalists were chosen by the 17 open source organizations and are listed alphabetically below.
First is a list of our Grand Prize winners. These 34 teens completed an astounding 842 total tasks. Each Grand Prize winner will be flown to the Google campus for four days this summer to meet with Google engineers and enjoy the Bay Area.

Name Organization Country
Matthew Marting Apertium United States
Shardul Chiplunkar Apertium United States
Michal Hanus BRL-CAD Czech Republic
Sudhanshu Agarwal BRL-CAD India
Alexandru Bratosin CCExtractor Development Romania
Evgeny Shulgin CCExtractor Development Russian Federation
Joshua Pan Copyleft Games Group United States
Shriank Kanaparti Copyleft Games Group India
Dhanat Satta-awalo Drupal Thailand
Utkarsh Dixit Drupal India
Kaisar Arkhan FOSSASIA Indonesia
Oana Roşca FOSSASIA Romania
Raefaldhi Amartya Junior Haiku Indonesia
Vanisha Kesswani Haiku India
Ilya Bizyaev KDE Russian Federation
Sergey Popov KDE Russian Federation
Anshuman Agarwal MetaBrainz India
Daniel Hsing MetaBrainz Hong Kong
Dhruv Shrivastava Mifos India
Sawan Kumar Mifos India
Ong Jia Wei, Isaac Moving Blocks Singapore
Scott Moses Sunarto Moving Blocks Indonesia
Mira Yang OpenMRS United States
Nji Collins OpenMRS Cameroon
Cristian García Sugar Labs Uruguay
Tymon Radzik Sugar Labs Poland
August van de Ven SCoRe Netherlands
Deniz Karakay SCoRe Turkey
Jacqueline Bronger Systers Germany
Soham Sen Systers India
Filip Grzywok Wikimedia Poland
Justin Du Wikimedia United States
Sampriti Panda Zulip India
Tommy Ip Zulip United Kingdom

And below are the Finalists. Each of these 51 students will receive a digital certificate of completion, a GCI t-shirt and hooded sweatshirt.

Name Organization
Bror Hultberg Apertium
Kamil Bujel Apertium
Ngadou Sylvestre Apertium
Apratim Ranjan Chakrabarty BRL-CAD
Tianyue Gao BRL-CAD
Trung Nguyen Hoang BRL-CAD
Danila Fedorin CCExtractor Development
Manveer Basra CCExtractor Development
Matej Plavevski CCExtractor Development
Daniel Wee Soong Lim Copyleft Games Group
Jonathan Pan Copyleft Games Group
Oscar Belletti Copyleft Games Group
Ashmith Kifah Sheik Meeran Drupal
Heervesh Lallbahadur Drupal
Neeraj Pandey Drupal
Adarsh Kumar FOSSASIA
Ridhwanul Haque FOSSASIA
Sanchit Mishra FOSSASIA
Dmytro Shynkevych Haiku
Stephanie Fu Haiku
Tudor Nazarie Haiku
Harpreet Singh KDE
Sangeetha S KDE
Spencer Brown KDE
Daniel Theis MetaBrainz
Divya Prakash Mittal MetaBrainz
Tigran Kostandyan MetaBrainz
Illia Andrieiev Mifos
Justin Du Mifos
Tan Gemicioglu Mifos
J Young Kim Moving Blocks
Maxim Borsch Moving Blocks
Quinn Roberts Moving Blocks
Shivani Thaker OpenMRS
Tenzin Zomkyi OpenMRS
Yusuf Karim OpenMRS
Emily Ong Hui Qi Sugar Labs
Euan Ong Sugar Labs
Pablo Salomón Ortega Quintana Sugar Labs
Basil Najjar SCoRe
Jupinder Parmar SCoRe
Thuận Nguyễn SCoRe
Muaaz Kasker Systers
Muhammed Shamil K Systers
Phoebe Fletcher Systers
David Siedtmann Wikimedia
Nikita Volobuev Wikimedia
Yurii Shnitkovskyi Wikimedia
Cynthia Lin Zulip
Rafid Aslam Zulip
Robert Hönig Zulip

The Google Open Source Programs Office is proud to run this contest each year. The quality of work from our participating students is incredible, and each year we look forward to meeting our Grand Prize winners in person. It’s exciting to see the next generation of coders emerge! We also owe a huge debt of gratitude to all of the mentors who helped guide each of the participants through their tasks. Without their tireless work over the past 7 weeks, GCI would not be possible.

Stay tuned to the open source blog - we’ll regularly post Google Code-in 2016 stories in the upcoming months including a full breakdown of contest statistics, wrap-up posts from the organizations, student highlights and more.

By Mary Radomile, Open Source Programs Office