Google Code-in 2014: Welcome to the Winners Circle

Monday, February 2, 2015


The time has finally come to announce the Google Code-in 2014 Finalists and Grand Prize Winners. With 658 students completing a whopping 3,236 tasks in the seven week open source contest, this was the largest and most exciting contest to date. Students wrote code, added features to software, fixed bugs, created documentation, designed logos, and found fun new ways to introduce other students to open source software development. The quality of the work the teens submitted was as inspiring as it was impressive.

A big congratulations to all of the students who participated in this year’s contest! We hope you enjoyed learning more about the open source organizations you worked with and will continue contributing to open source in the years to come.

Mentors and Organization Administrators from each of the 12 organizations that students worked with evaluated the comprehensive body of work of the ten students who completed the most tasks with their organization. They had a very difficult time choosing only 2 Grand Prize Winners and 3 Finalists for their organizations.

The 24 Grand Prize Winners are listed below alphabetically by first name with their home country and the organization they worked with during the Google Code-in 2014 contest.

Aleksandar Ivanov, Bulgaria - Mifos Initiative
Anurag Sharma, India - Sahana Software Foundation
Chaitya Shah, United States - OpenMRS
Danny Wu, Australia - Wikimedia Foundation
Dariel Kremov, Bulgaria - Copyleft Games Group
Getulio Sanchez, Paraguay - Drupal
Ignacio Rodríguez, Uruguay - Sugar Labs
Ilya Kowalewski, Ukraine - KDE
Josef Gajdůšek, Czech Republic - Haiku
Marc Tannous, Romania - BRL-CAD
Mariusz Obajtek, Poland - Mifos Initiative
Mateusz Maćkowski, Poland - Wikimedia Foundation
Michal Proszek, Poland - Copyleft Games Group
Mikhail Ivchenko, Russian Federation - KDE
Namanyay Goel, India - FOSSASIA
Parker Erway, United States - OpenMRS
Peter Amidon, United States - BRL-CAD
Puck Meerburg, Netherlands - Haiku
Sam Parkinson, Australia - Sugar Labs
Samarjeet Singh, India - FOSSASIA
Samsruti Dash, India - Sahana Software Foundation
Stanislav Kryvenko, Ukraine - Apertium
Sushain Cherivirala, United States - Apertium
Tasya Rukmana, Indonesia - Drupal

The 24 Grand Prize Winners will be flown to Google’s Mountain View, California headquarters along with a parent or guardian in early June for a four night stay. Students will talk with Google engineers, take part in an awards ceremony, enjoy time exploring San Francisco and make new friends also interested in technology and open source. One mentor from each organization will also join in the fun of the grand prize trip, giving both students and mentors the opportunity to meet in person and exchange ideas on open source development.

The 36 Finalists for Google Code-in 2014 are listed below. The Finalists will all be receiving a Google Code-in hooded sweatshirt along with their Google Code-in t-shirt and certificate.

Copyleft Games
Joonas Kylmala
Aditya Gulati
Jakub Kuleszewicz
Olexiy Savenkov
Sidorenko Nikolay
Samuel Kim
Vignesh Varadarajan
Yash Mockoul
Tobias Shapinsky
Akshay Kalose
Alvis Wong
Augustin Cavalier
Ilkin Musaev
Amr Ramadan
Chirayu Desai
Mark Klein
Tymon Radzik
Markus Himmel
Mifos Initiative
Daniel Pastushchak
Kevin Kuo
Evgeny Shulgin
Nuno Hultberg
Mohammed Nafees
Imran Tatriev
Sergey Popov
Sanjay Ravindra
Ungku Zoe Anysa Faiz
Sugar Labs
David Greydanus
Cristian Garcia
Evan McIntire
Sai Vineet
Daksh Shah
Geoffrey Mon
Vipul Sharma
Jae Eun Park
Pranav Kumar

A huge thanks to all of the students, mentors, and organization administrators that made Google Code-in 2014 amazing!  And a big thank you to the teachers, parents and friends that helped encourage students to participate in the contest.

We will have more posts in the coming weeks with statistics about Google Code-in 2014 as well as writeups from this year’s Grand Prize Winners.

Great job everyone!

By Stephanie Taylor, Google Code-in Program Manager