Googlers Flock to Portland for OSCON

Monday, July 11, 2011

Two weeks from now Googlers from all over the world will be gathering in Portland, Oregon for OSCON, O’Reilly Media’s annual open source convention. OSCON is being held at the Oregon Convention Center from July 25th - July 29th and we are all looking forward to meeting up with 2,000+ of our friends in the open source community.

This year 17 Googlers will be hosting sessions on a variety of topics at OSCON with dozens more attending the open source conference. Below is a comprehensive list of the speakers and their sessions in chronological order.

Tuesday, July 26th

Wednesday, July 27th

Thursday, July 28th

Google will be sponsoring an “Ask Google Engineers Anything” sessions after a successful session at last year’s OSCON. The session is intended to help developers work better with Googlers and Google technology and to answer most of the questions that developers might be baffled about.

Chris DiBona and multiple Google Engineers - "Ask Google Engineers Anything"

Friday, July 29th

This year OSCON has added two additional conferences co-located with OSCON. OSCON Java, which focuses on open source technologies that make up the Java ecosystem and OSCON Data, the first event of its kind focused solely on open source data infrastructure. We have speakers at both events; for more details click on their sessions below.

OSCON Java - Tuesday, July 26th
Josh Bloch will be delivering the keynote, and then giving a talk later in the afternoon on “The Evolution of Java: Past, Present, and Future”.

OSCON Data Wednesday, July 27th

We hope to see you at OSCON!

By Stephanie Taylor, Open Source Programs