MoinMoin's Google Summer of Code Wrap Up

Friday, October 9, 2009

We at the MoinMoin Wiki software development team had a wonderful time with our participation in Google Summer of Code™ 2009. We greatly enjoyed collaborating with our students, hacking Python and Javascript code for the wiki engine. Thanks to Google's support, we had four student projects total, and three of them were successfully completed:

Christopher Denter, whom I mentored, worked on making MoinMoin's modular storage code production-ready by adding an access control middleware. Christopher's work in this area made MoinMoin safer and more flexible. He also worked on a router middleware - think of it as a kind of a wiki
"mount/fstab" - and a SQLAlchemy backend. Our users can now enjoy MoinMoin with MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc. Christopher's work was done directly in the repo that will become the 2.0 release of MoinMoin.

Alexandre Martani, mentored by Bastian Blank, worked on a realtime collaborative wiki editor based on Google's mobwrite. Multiple people can now choose to edit the same wiki page at the same time and they all see each other's changes shortly after typing. We hope that we can merge his code into the MoinMoin 2.0 repository soon.

Dmitrijs Milajevs, mentored by Reimar Bauer, worked on groups and dictionary code with modular backends. You can now fetch group definitions from wiki pages or a wiki, and preparations have been made to make an LDAP group backend possible as part of future development. Dmitrijs also refactored the search code to get rid of the unmaintained xapwrap library and use the new xappy library. All his work has already merged into the MoinMoin 1.9 main repo.

Thanks also to Alexander Schremmer for his contributions as a mentor. Unfortunately, his student's project did not work out, but in true community fashion he provided valuable help and feedback for the other students.

In case you're curious about when all this nice code will be released:

MoinMoin 1.9 will be released later in 2009 (likely in November). Please help us beta testing, translating and generally making the release ready.

MoinMoin 2.0 will not just 1.9 + 0.1, but a major rewrite of big parts of the code base. Right now, it's like a big construction site, so it'll naturally take some time until the release will be ready, likely 2010 or 2011. We'd be happy to have your help with it; if you enjoy coding in Python, playing with new features, cleanly refactoring code and working with a fun team, then do join us to make MoinMoin an even better wiki. Check out the MoinMoin 2.0 page for more details.

Many thanks to all the students and mentors as well as everyone in the community who helped or supported the process. It was a very productive summer and we are greatly looking forward to continued work with our new contributors!