Zurich Open Source Jam 6

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We started the evening slowly, and by around 18:30 almost everyone had arrived to enjoy the food and beer. Thirty-three guests from all over Switzerland and surrounding countries were there, and we even had one visitor from Canada.

After everybody enjoyed the first round of food, Gürkan Sengün started with the first lightning talk about hugin, a software package used to create panorama photos. Hugin creates panorama photos by wrapping around other scripts, such as finding common points in two images and putting the images together. Gürkan did a live demo of the software by going through all the steps to create a panorama photo of the audience.

The next speaker, Lukas Renggli, gave us an introduction into seaside. Seaside is a web application framework designed to make web applications easy to write and maintain. Applications are written using the component design pattern and can again be composed to build larger applications. Should any problems arise, you have the possibility of live debugging and live fixing of the code without loosing state. As a demo, Lukas showed us a simple application which calculated the reciprocal of an integer, all of which you could change through interactive links.

The next round of talks was started by Michael Schwarz, who is working on leanXcam. leanXcam is a small Open Source camera running uClinux that not only takes photos but is also able to process them on the device. After a quick introduction Michael gave us a demo how the camera works.

The last talk was about JExample by Adrian Kuhn. JExample is an extension for JUnit, a testing framework for Java, and fully compatible with it. JExample provides unit test dependencies to make debugging unit tests easier, providing graphs where you can see which components failed without running the actual tests. Adrian illustrated this functionality by testing a defective stack implementation.

It was a really interesting evening and everyone attending enjoyed it immensely. Thanks to everyone and hopefully we'll see you soon again. To stay informed about future Open Source Jams in Zurich, please join the Open Source Jam Zurich Google Group.