Zurich Open Source Jam 4

Friday, August 15, 2008

In mid-July 2008 we had the fourth instance of the Open Source Jam in Zurich, an event for Open Source developers and users to meet, collaborate and network. This time it was a combined event with Google Summer of Code™ participants.

We had more than 55 people over, some of them giving talks on various projects. These projects included GDAL2Tiles, Tech Drawing Abilities for Inkscape, Libarchive, Mercurial, Mono, OLAT and Osmarender Frontend for OpenStreetMap.

When not listening to the lightning talks given in two blocks, people were talking to each other in small groups, discussing ideas and projects. As usual, you could hear various languages, from English and German to French. These jams are not only great to meet Free Software people like Bram Moolenaar, creator of Vim, but also just to meet people of different cultural background. To make sure nobody was thirsty or hungry, Google provided free beer and food.

The Zurich Open Source Jams are semi-regular events. To stay informed about the details of the next one, or to catch up on discussions about previous ones, join the Open Source Jam Zurich Google Group. To get more information on Summer of Code, visit the program website.