Uzaygezen: Multi-Dimensional Indexing with Hilbert Curves

Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm pleased to announce the initial release of the Open Source project Uzaygezen, a Java library specialised in multi-dimensional indexing based on Hilbert curves. For those who may be wondering about the origins of the project's name, a fellow engineer in Dublin suggested this word from his native Turkish, as Uzaygezen means "space wanderer." The library supports mapping from a multi-dimensional space into one dimension via the Compact Hilbert Index. Additionally, Uzaygezen allows query building for databases with range query functionality, e.g. relational databases and, more generally, B-trees. To find out more and to check out the code, please visit the project homepage.

We always love to hear what you think. Please join the Uzaygezen discussion group to share your thoughts with us.