The 2022 Season of Docs application for organizations is open!

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Organization applications for the 2022 Season of Docs are now open!

Through Season of Docs, Google awards grants to open source projects and organizations to hire technical writers to work on documentation projects. Participating organizations hire and pay the technical writers directly (we use Open Collective to help transfer grant funds). Organizations have up to six months to complete their documentation project. At the end of the program, organizations submit a case study outlining the results of their documentation projects, including the metrics they used to evaluate the success of their new or improved documentation. The case studies from the 2021 Season of Docs program are available online, and we will be releasing a summary report for the 2021 Season of Docs shortly—join our Season of Docs announcements list to be notified when it’s available! 

How does my organization apply to take part in Season of Docs?

Organization applications are now open! The deadline to apply is March 25, 2022 at 18:00 UTC.

To apply, first read the guidelines for creating an organization application on the Season of Docs website.

Take a look at the examples of project ideas, then create a project proposal based on your open source project’s actual documentation needs. Your goal is to attract technical writers to your organization, making them feel comfortable about approaching the organization and excited about what they can achieve.

We strongly recommend reading through the proposals and case studies submitted by organizations participating in the 2021 Season of Docs.

Organizations can submit their applications here: Organization applications close on March 25th at 18:00 UTC.

How do technical writers take part in Season of Docs?

Technical writers interested in working with accepted open source organizations can share their contact information via the Season of Docs GitHub repository; or they may submit proposals directly to the organizations using the contact information shared on the organization project page. Technical writers do not submit a formal application through Season of Docs.

Technical writers interested in participating in the 2022 Season of Docs should read our guide for technical writers on the Season of Docs website. Please note that technical writer recruiting began on February 3, 2022.

If you have any questions about the program, please email us at

General timeline

February 23 - March 25

Open source organizations apply to take part in Season of Docs

April 14

Google publishes the list of accepted organizations, along with their project proposals and doc development can begin.

June 15

Organization administrators begin to submit monthly evaluations to report on the status of their project.

November 30

Organization administrators submit their case study and final project evaluation.

December 14

Google releases submitted case studies. 

May 2, 2023

Organizations begin to participate in post-program followup surveys.

See the timeline for details.

Join us

Explore the Season of Docs website at to learn more about participating in the program. Use our logo and other promotional resources to spread the word. Check out the timeline and FAQ, and apply now!

By Kassandra Dhillon and Erin McKean, Google Open Source Programs Office