Google Summer of Code 2019 (Statistics Part 1)

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Since 2005, Google Summer of Code (GSoC) has been bringing new developers into the open source community every year. This year, we accepted 1,276 students from 63 countries into the 2019 GSoC program to work with 201 open source organizations over the summer.

Students are currently wrapping up the Community Bonding phase where they become familiar with the open source projects they will be working with by spending time learning the codebase, the community’s best practices, and integrating into the community. Students will start their 12-week coding projects on May 27th.

Each year we like to share program statistics about the GSoC program and the accepted students and mentors involved in the program.

Accepted Students

  • 89.2% are participating in their first GSoC
  • 75% are first time applicants


  • 77.5% are undergraduates, 16.6% are masters students, and 5.9% are in PhD programs
  • 72.8% are Computer Science majors, 3.5% are Mathematics majors, 16.8% are other Engineering majors (Electrical, Mechanical, Aerospace, etc.)
  • Students are in a variety of majors including Atmospheric Science, Neuroscience, Economics, Linguistics, Geology, and Pharmacy.


There were a record number of students submitting proposals for the program this year: 5,606 students from 103 countries submitted 7,555 proposals.

In our next GSoC statistics post we will delve deeper into the schools, gender breakdown, mentors, and registration numbers for the 2019 program.

By Stephanie Taylor, Google Open Source