Google Open Source Peer Bonus winners are here!

Friday, April 26, 2019

At Google we’ve always used open source to innovate, build amazing products, and bring better technology to the world. We also enjoy being part of the community and are always looking for ways to give back.

In 2011 we launched the Google Open Source Peer Bonus program with the goal of supporting the ecosystem and sustainability of open source by rewarding external developers for their contributions to open source projects. Over the years the program has grown and expanded. Now we reward not just software developers but all types of contributors, including technical writers, user experience and graphic designers, community managers and marketers, mentors and educators, ops and security experts.

We are very pleased to announce the latest Google Open Source Peer Bonus Winners and their projects. We have a record number of 90 recipients this cycle representing 20 countries all over the world: Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ukraine and USA.

Below is the list of projects and awardees who gave us permission to thank them publicly:
Name Project Name Project
Cyril Tovena Agones Vincent Demeester Knative Build Pipeline
Rebecca Close AMPHTML Nader Ziada knative/build
Leon Tan AMPHTML Jim Angel Kubernetes
Wassim Chegham Angular Zach Arnold Kubernetes
Paul Gschwendtner Angular Material Serguei Bezverkhi Kubernetes
Maxim Koretskyi Angular-in-depth blog Damini Satya Kammakomati Kubernetes
Kaxil Naik Apache Airflow Jennifer Rondeau Kubernetes
Kohei Sutou Apache Arrow Michael Fromberger Kythe
Matthias Baetens Apache Beam Mark Brown Linux kernel
Lukazs Gajowy Apache Beam Luis Chamberlain Linux Kernel
Suneel Marthi Apache Beam Tetsuo Handa Linux kernel
Maximilian Michels Apache Beam Takashi Iwai Linux kernel
Alex Van Boxel Apache Beam Heiko Stuebner Linux Kernel
Thomas Weise Apache Beam Cong Wang Linux kernel
Julian Hyde Apache Calcite Richard Hughes Linux Vendor Firmware Service
Lan Sun Apache Groovy Aaron Puchert LLVM/ Clang
Campion Fellin Apps Script CLI – Clasp Orne Brocaar LoRa Server
Nicolò Ribaudo Babel Graeme Rocher Micronaut
Rong Jie Loo Bazel Anders F Björklund minikube
Dave Mielke BRLTTY Iskren Chernev Moment JS
Raphael Kubo da Costa Chromium Tim Deschryver NgRx
Mike Banon coreboot Brandon Roberts NgRx
Elyes Haouas coreboot Eelco Dolstra NixOS
Angel Pons coreboot Guy Bedford Node.js
Ansgar Burchardt Debian Yaw Anokwa Open Data Kit
Chris Lamb Debian's Reproducible Builds Andreas Bartels Open Location Code
Zach Leatherman eleventy Wes McKinney pandas
Vladimir Glavnyy FlatBuffers Pradyun Gedam pip
Alexandre Ardhuin Flutter Marvin Hagemeister preact
Kyle Wong Flutter Andre Wiggins preact
Duncan Lyall Forseti Security Chris Roche protoc-gen-validate (PGV)
Ross Scroggs GAM (Google Apps Manager) Ernest Durbin Python Package Index (PyPI)
Gert van Dijk Gerrit Ramon Santamaria raylib
Luca Milanesio Gerrit Code Review Aleksa Sarai runC
David Ostrovsky Gerrit Code Review Cornelius Weig skaffold
David Pursehouse Gerrit Code Review Anton Lindqvist syzkaller
Matthias Sohn Gerrit Code Review Zdenko Podobný Tesseract
Derrick Stolee Git Keqiu Hu TonY
Roman Lebedev Google Benchmark Basarat Ali Syed TypeScript Deep Dive (book)
Florent Revest googlecartographer/cartographer_ros Peter Wong V8
Kirill Katsnelson gRPC Kevin Murray Verilog to Routing
Eddie Kohler hotcrp Darrell Commander VirtualGL
Daniel-Constantin Mierla Kamailio Lin Clark Wasi + Wasmtime
Philipp Crocoll Keepass2Android Password Safe Sébastien Helleu Weechat
Shashwathi Reddy Knative build Wesley Shields Yara
Congratulations to our recipients! We look forward to your continued support and contributions to open source!

By Maria Tabak, Google Open Source