Congratulating the latest Open Source Peer Bonus winners

Thursday, March 1, 2018

We’re pleased to introduce 2018’s first round of Open Source Peer Bonus winners. First started by the Google Open Source team seven years ago, this program encourages Google employees to express their gratitude to open source contributors.

Twice a year Googlers nominate open source contributors outside of the company for their contributions to open source projects, including those used by Google. Nominees are reviewed by a team of volunteers and the winners receive our heartfelt thanks with a token of our appreciation.

So far more than 600 contributors from dozens of countries have received Open Source Peer Bonuses for volunteering their time and talent to over 400 open source projects. You can find some of the previous winners in these blog posts.

We’d like to recognize the latest round of winners and the projects they worked on. Listed below are the individuals who gave us permission to thank them publicly:

Name Project Name Project
Adrien Devresse Abseil C++ Friedel Ziegelmayer Karma
Weston Ruter AMP Plugin for WordPress Davanum Srinivas Kubernetes
Thierry Muller AMP Plugin for WordPress Jennifer Rondeau Kubernetes
Adam Silverstein AMP Project Jessica Yao Kubernetes
Levi Durfee AMP Project Qiming Teng Kubernetes
Fabian Wiles Angular Zachary Corleissen Kubernetes
Paul King Apache Groovy Reinhard Nägele Kubernetes Charts
Eric Eide C-Reduce Erez Shinan Lark
John Regehr C-Reduce Alex Gaynor Mercurial
Yang Chen C-Reduce Anna Henningsen Node.js
Ajith Kumar Velutheri Chromium Michaël Zasso Node.js
Orta Therox CocoaPods Michael Dalessio Nokogiri
Idwer Vollering coreboot Gina Häußge OctoPrint
Paul Ganssle dateutil Michael Stramel Polymer
Zach Leatherman Eleventy La Vesha Parker Progressive HackNight
Daniel Stone Ian Stapleton Cordasco Python Code Quality Authority
Sergiu Deitsch glog Fabian Henneke Secure Shell
Jonathan Bluett-Duncan Guava Rob Landley Toybox
Karol Szczepański Heracles.ts Peter Wong V8
Paulus Schoutsen Home Assistant Timothy Gu Web platform & Node.js
Nathaniel Welch Fog for Google Ola Hugosson WebM
Shannon Coen Istio Dominic Symes WebM & AOMedia
Max Beatty jsPerf

To each and every one of you: thank you for your contributions to the open source community and congratulations!

By Maria Webb, Google Open Source