Stay in touch with RememberMe

Friday, December 18, 2015

Occasionally on the open source blog we feature the personal projects of Googlers. Today we hear from Blair Kutzman, whose loss inspired the creation of RememberMe, an open source email reminder tool.

On June 2, 2014 my cousin Jeremy Monnett was killed in a plane crash. He left behind his two sons, Miles and Brooks, and wife Kate.  As much as we look to explain events like these, they unfortunately can happen at any moment and to anybody.
RememberMe is an open source project I created in memory of Jeremy that helps people keep in touch. The basic premise is simple — at a configurable interval (eg. daily, weekly, monthly, etc) an email arrives in your inbox reminding you to contact someone. The reply-to field on the mail is set so that replying will send your response to your loved one.

The loss of Jeremy reminded me of just how important it is to keep in touch with the people you love the most. I hope that by making this project public, others will create email address for young children, spouses, and journal their daily thoughts and daily activities. This provides a fabulous way both to chronicle their lives, and also share your daily thoughts.

Please check out the project on github and enjoy!

By Blair Kutzman, Google Engineering