The Interactive Spaces project continues to grow!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Interactive Spaces was first announced on the Google Open Source blog back in July 2012 and since then we’ve been working hard on several new releases. Interactive Spaces is an API and runtime which allows developers to merge the physical and virtual worlds by building interactive applications for physical spaces. With this platform you can build immersive physical spaces, home automation, physical-based computer gaming, and museum and interactive art installations.

Interactive Spaces has many new additions since it’s initial release, including:

 • OpenCV support for image processing, including face detection
Depth camera support using OpenNI and the Leap Motion
XBee sensor meshes
Examples using Arduinos to interface with sensors and control systems
Speech synthesis
Music playback
XMPP and Twitter can be used to interact with your space
Standard control protocols such as Open Sound Control and soon DMX
Controller support for Android devices
And much more…
Interactive Spaces powers 6 locations in Google offices (an example is the Mountain View Partner Plex) around the world with plans for many more. End Point has recently re-architected the Open Source Liquid Galaxy as an Interactive Spaces application, showing the power of the platform for building a very responsive, flexible system.

For more details please visit the website, and take a look at the source code.

By Keith Hughes, Tech Lead, Experience Engineering Team, Google Engineering