Open Source Release: LiquidFun 1.0

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Last December we announced the initial release of LiquidFun, a C++ library that adds particle physics, including realistic fluid dynamics, to the open-source Box2D. Today, we’re excited to be releasing LiquidFun 1.0!

New features in this release include:
  • Multiple particle systems
  • New particle behaviors: barrier, static-pressure, and repulsive
  • Particle lifetimes
  • Detection of stuck particles
  • The ability to apply forces and impulses to particles
  • Java support via SWIG
  • A host of new demos: inside the existing Testbed application; and, a gorgeous new “EyeCandy” demo for Android
Download the latest release from our github page and join our discussion list!

Several Googlers made LiquidFun possible: Howard Berkey, Alice Ching, Wolff Dobson, Dave Friedman, Stewart Miles, Jason Sanmiya, Kentaro Suto, and Ali Tahiri.

By Dave Friedman, Fun Propulsion Labs*

*Fun Propulsion Labs is a team within Google that's dedicated to advancing gaming on Android and other platforms.