Google Summer of Code Wrap-up: Mifos

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Another new organization for Google Summer of Code 2013 was Mifos, a diverse community of microfinance institutions, technology professionals, business people, volunteers, and contributors. Today’s guest post comes from Mifos Community Manager, Edward Cable.
I'm proud to call our four student contributors, affectionately known as the A Team, graduates of the 2013 Google Summer of Code program. The three months of coding flew by in an instant and I marvel at the amazing work our students made across all areas of the platform. In addition to the dedicated efforts of our students, a big thanks must go to our team of mentors who guided our students on their journey throughout the summer. One mentor, Michael Vorburger, put this summer in perspective:
"How amazing is it that GSoC gets us four students — from Germany, China, Sri Lanka and India, coached by mentors from India, Ghana, and, Switzerland — to collaborate purely in cyberspace together on adding features to a microfinance platform... the world truly is flat."
Below is a list of projects our students worked on:
  • Anuruddha Premalal completed two projects — sr-side pagination and distributed caching, both of which have been shipped in our public releases with the caching being delivered in our 1.10.0 Release.
  • Yanna Wu’s  XBRL integration work is merged into the master branch and can be tried out on our demo server under the reports menu. You can follow her documentation as a guide. This can be used straightaway for integration with MIX Market and also sets us on the right path for integrating with other centralized reporting tools.
  • Andreas Weigel’s user-generated document module with mail-merge and WYSIWYG functionality has also been merged into the master branch; final documentation is on the wiki. Once a few more sample templates are complete, this will be shipped as our admin documents module; we'll also be re-using the templating engine as a major component of our SMS notifications module.
  • We are packaging up Avik Ganguly’s Excel-based import tool for an upcoming release; this tool is already being used for a live migration of data for Grameen Koota's individual lending operations.
Looking back on our first Google Summer of Code, we knew from the start that we had an awesome group of students that would be joining Mifos. Our community is already enjoying the benefits of their contributions and our students have continued on as active members of the community. Most importantly this is only just the beginning of their time with Mifos. We look forward to years of contributions and transforming them into future mentors for GSoC!
By Edward Cable, Mifos Community Manager