Hesokuri - a personal backup solution for your source code

Thursday, September 12, 2013

If you are a developer, source code is some of the most important data you have. It needs to be backed up regularly, it must be readily accessible from all of your machines, and it may even be confidential. Most of the code is probably already stored under version control.

With this in mind I developed Hesokuri, a background process that keeps Git repositories on multiple machines in sync. Changes are pushed aggressively to peers as they are committed. When a peer is offline, Hesokuri will retry a push regularly until the peer responds. In some cases, a peer will merge pushed commits into the current branch so they are immediately visible in any open text editor. This means that if Hesokuri is running on two or more networked machines, the Git repositories on them are duplicated, backed up, and widely accessible.

Once you have set up Hesokuri and written a simple configuration file, you can just use Git as you always have. Hesokuri also has a web interface so you can check what revisions of each repository have been pushed to each peer.

We are still working on the user interface and the list of features that we want to include, so thanks to the community in advance for your bug reports, pull requests, and other contributions!

For the source code and how to get started, check out the Hesokuri project page. You can also get help using Hesokuri and discuss improvements in the Google discussion group.

By Matthew DeVore, Google+ Team