Google Summer of Code meetups, Episode 8: Lahore, Pakistan

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Google Developer Group (GDG) Lahore hosted their fourth event on the afternoon of April 18th with support from Plan9 (Tech Incubator) and P@SHA. The event had a variety of attendees, from early Computer Science students to soon-to-be graduates, to industry professionals and faculty members from various universities in Lahore, Pakistan.

As part of the event agenda, GDG Lahore hosted a panel about Google Summer of Code where Muhammad Adnan shared his experiences from Google Summer of Code as a both a student and a mentor. Muhammad was a Google Summer of Code student in the 2010 program for phpMyAdmin and a Mentor for RTEMS in Google Summer of Code 2012 and Mentor for Google Code-in 2011 and 2012.

Adnan shared his story about how he first discovered the program through Twitter and ultimately applied for the Google Summer of Code program. He motivated students who were interested in applying for Google Summer of Code and gave them tips on writing their applications. Adnan explained how Google is providing opportunities for student developers to show their skills and how to increase the chances of their proposal being accepted by the mentoring organizations involved in this year’s Google Summer of Code. The session ended with questions from attendees about Google Summer of Code and its many benefits.

Historically, Google Summer of Code hasn’t had very many entries from Pakistan, possibly because many students are not familiar with Google Summer of Code here. The main purpose of this session was to let students know more about the program and encouraging students to apply. GDG Lahore plans to brings a similar session Google Summer of Code in many other universities in Lahore in the coming months.

By Haris Nadeem , GDG Lahore Manager