Geek Time with Eben Moglen

Monday, July 30, 2012

Earlier this year at LibrePlanet 2012, Jeremy Allison caught up with Eben Moglen, head of the Software Freedom Law Center, to discuss the GPLv3 and the software project Freedom Box. Some highlights from the chat are listed below:

What is the role of the Software Freedom Law Center?  (0:27)

Eben discusses the creation of the GPLv3.  (1:30)

By the time the GPLv2 license reached its 15th year he and Richard Stallman realized they needed to update it because of concerns around trusted computing (DRM lockdown) and international patent issues.  (2:24)

Jeremy points out that GPLv3 is not the license that the Linux kernel developers use and they haven’t agreed to adopt it, and asks is this is a big failure?  (3:50)

Jeremy comments that free software is doing well and on an upward trajectory with many people working very hard behind the scenes to work with companies interested in using free software.  (6:25)

Eben talks about the software project called “Freedom Box.”  (8:19)

Jeremy recommends viewing Eben’s keynote speech at LibrePlanet 2012.  (11:45)

Jeremy asks how Eben got started on this career path.  (12:18)

Thank you to Daniel Piccirillo for his great camera work for this interview.

By Stephanie Taylor, Open Source Programs