A Spectrum of Results - All Good

Sunday, October 23, 2011

We are pleased to announce the final results of this year's OpenICC participation in the Google Summer of Code program. OpenICC mentored two students directly and one student through collaboration with the openSUSE organization. All three of our students successfully met their project goals and completed their colour management projects.

Yiannis Belias worked on the API stabilization for Oyranos Colour Management System II project. The new classes, code generator improvements, and tools he worked on will be integrated into the Oyranos master branch in upcoming months. This project helps in stabilizing the CMS core, which covers a great foundation of functionality.

Joseph Simon worked on the XCPD project. The goal of his project was to implement a prototype printing dialog based on The Linux Foundation's Common Printing Dialog (CPD) project code to allow a standards based color managed PDF based printing workflow. The PDF spool file created by the modified CPD follows the PDF/X specification for embedding user side colour managed content and color related remote printer configuration information for a complete solution to printing color managed content in a standard Linux/Unix environment.

Sebastian Oliva implemented an ICC device profile database, called taxi that is intended to share vendor and user created ICC profiles across platforms in an automated fashion. The online database is designed to cover metadata about the device driver calibration status alongside the characterization information in the corresponding ICC profiles. The project idea and student slot was provided by the openSUSE distribution project and mentored by an OpenICC member.

Many thanks to all the students for their great work, all the people who helped in shaping the basic ideas and devising the projects for the program, Google for providing the stipends for the students, and open SUSE for inviting the students to the European openSUSE Conference.

By Kai-Uwe Behrmann, OpenICC Org Administrator for Google Summer of Code