Announcing Accepted Organizations for Google Code-in

Friday, November 5, 2010

We’re pleased to announce that today we have chosen 20 open source organizations to participate as mentoring organizations in Google Code-in.

Here’s a list of our participating organizations this year:

1. The Apertium Project
2. The Battle for Wesnoth
3. Debian Project
4. Dragonfly BSD
5. Drupal
7. Haiku
8. KDE
9. LimeSurvey
10. MoinMoin
11. Mono Project
13. Parrot Foundation and The Perl Foundation
14. Plone Foundation
15. RTEMS Project
16. Sahana Software Foundation
17. Tux4Kids
18. VideoLAN
19. WordPress
20. WorldForge

These organizations will be creating tasks for the student participants in the contest to work on and submit to earn prizes. We’ll be having tasks from all 8 categories in our task tracker: code, documentation, outreach, quality assurance, research, training, translation, user interface.

We encourage you to sign up now if you would like to participate in the contest! Simply visit Melange and click on “Sign In.” Log in or create a Google account, and then click on “Create Profile” on the left. Once you’ve done that you’re ready to start claiming tasks on November 22!