Google Code-in: School’s Out, Code’s In!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

We are very pleased to announce Google Code-in, an open source development and outreach contest targeted at 13-18 year old students around the world.

Some of you may remember the pilot program from 2007-2008 we ran called the Google Highly Open Participation Contest. This contest gave 400 students around the world an opportunity to help out open source projects on the following kinds of tasks:

1. Code: Tasks related to writing or refactoring code
2. Documentation: Tasks related to creating/editing documents
3. Outreach: Tasks related to community management and outreach/marketing
4. Quality Assurance: Tasks related to testing and ensuring code is of high quality
5. Research: Tasks related to studying a problem and recommending solutions
6. Training: Tasks related to helping others learn more
7. Translation: Tasks related to localization
8. User Interface: Tasks related to user experience research or user interface design and interaction

It was a huge success, and we’re looking forward to another great year ahead of us with the contest with its new name, Google Code-in.

Be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions about the contest for answers to your questions about participating.We’re hoping to get pre-university students from all over the world involved. So please help us spread the word.

Stay tuned to this blog and to our mailing list for more updates on the contest. We will announce the mentoring organizations that are participating on November 5. The contest starts on November 22, 2010!