São Paulo Open Source Jam 2

Friday, August 6, 2010

On July 14th, Google Brazil hosted the 2nd Open Source Jam in São Paulo, Brazil. We had about 40 attendees and 10 talks! Here is a quick summary of the talks that were given.

The jam began at about 19:00, and after Rodolpho Eckhardt welcomed our guests, João Paulo Rechi Vita presented his Google Summer of Code™ project on improving support of AVRCP (Audio and Video Remote Control Profile), a Bluetooth protocol for controlling media players, in BlueZ.

Next, Rodrigo Strauss talked about his “nosql“ multi-platform container server Tio built using a publish/subscribe pattern.

Rodrigo Strauss and his NoSql project Tio

The third project presented was the GPL v3-licensed LibreDWG by Anderson Cardoso, an Open Source implementation of the DWG format used by several CAD applications.

Guilherme Chapiewski talked about acceptance tests using Pyccuracy, a tool for behavior-driven development written in Python.

CoGroo, an open source grammatical structure checker for Portuguese for OpenOffice, was presented by Wesley Seidel.

For the last talk before a break, Saracura was introduced to us as a concept to fill the gap between weather forecasts, reports and collective intelligence among people. By cross-checking the available information, disasters could be prevented or alleviated.

André Luiz introducing Saracura

After six talks it was time for a break. Delicious pizza helped spur conversations among attendees, who talked about their projects and established new contacts. There was so much pizza it had to be delivered by taxi instead of the usual delivery by motorcycle.

Following the break, Radames presented IT3S, a project which intents to promote the use of information technologies with non-profit organizations.

Radamés describing his work at IT3S.

Milton Afonso showed his concept for a framework providing a multi-language programming environment. Alan Justino took the opportunity to start a small debate on certain issues with object-relational mappings. Potential solutions were discussed, as well as comments and ideas.

Alan Justino answering the questions

Our last talk of the day was presented by Luciano Ramalho who talked about ISIS-DM, an independent API for database schema definition and data extraction.

We'd like to thank everybody who attended the 2nd Google Open Source Jam in São Paulo and hope to see you again next time. If you have missed this jam, stay tuned on our events by joining the Open Source Jam Brazil Google Group! Open Source Jams are hosted by the Google Open Source Team.

By Licio Fonseca, Hardware Operations Team