A Toast from the Host

Friday, December 19, 2008

It's been an amazing year for Google Code's Open Source project hosting service. In 2008, our team improved the service by adding source code browsing, project feeds, project updates, a code review tool, content licenses, gadgets, better issue tracking, wiki enhancements, and increased storage quota. Check out our What's New page for further details.

Likewise, Google's own Open Source efforts expanded greatly in 2008 with new releases of everything from Chromium, V8, Android, Doctype, and Native Client, to GXP, Protocol Buffers, and tools for mocking and testing. Meanwhile, our existing Open Source efforts continue full steam on Google Web Toolkit, Gears, Guice, Ganeti, and many others. Google itself is now using Google Code to host over 200 open source projects, large and small. For the full list, just search for label:google.

However, the best part of 2008 came from you, the Open Source community. The number of active projects that we host more than doubled in 2008, everything from games to mobile to development tools. Overall participation on the site increased threefold. And our project hosting tools are now used by some of the projects that help drive the open web, such as JQuery and Firebug.

From everyone on the Open Source team, thank you for a great 2008. Keep it coming in 2009!