Nixysa: Scriptable Plugins for Browsers

Monday, March 30, 2009

Nixysa is a new tool for developers who want to create scriptable plug-ins for NPAPI-supporting browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Currently, exposing significant APIs via JavaScript is a tedious and repetitive process, but Nixysa lets you declare your API with a simple Interface Description Language. It also generates all the glue code that is needed to script your classes directly from the browser. If you want to add fancy features to web browsers, you can focus on the code that enables cool functionality instead of the boilerplate glue. As a bonus, Nixysa also works with Native Client which makes it easier to create NPAPI modules, providing a secure way of running native code in the browser.

We welcome your feedback. Check out the source code and take our sample code for a test drive. We look forward to hearing from you on our project discussion list.