"Look! Actual Code!"

Saturday, March 15, 2008

In one Dilbert cartoon, Dogbert confronts a long-winded technology "guru" by showing him some actual code, which blows him away. It's funny because it's true: some long, abstract discussions can turn into short, concrete ones when you can point to code.

We recently launched a new source code browsing tool as part of Google Code's project hosting feature. This new tool makes it easy to navigate through a project's Subversion repository. Key features include: fast directory browsing tree, syntax highlighting, history of changes, and easy-to-read diffs. See it yourself under the "Source" tab of any project that we host. For example: Google Gears source code.

We hope you find that the details make this tool a joy to use. For example, it's easy to get straight to the source code of a file, yet still see some of its recent history right on the same page. And, you can flip through revisions of a file with just a click. Stay tuned as the tool matures and evolves into something even more exciting in the months ahead.

Special thanks go to Google intern Jenan Wise for his passion for great software and attention to detail on this tool.