Google Days in the Middle East

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chris DiBona, head of the Google Open Source Programs Office, is in the Middle East this week to talk to attendees at G-Egypt and G-Jordan, Google’s first ever Google Days hosted in those countries. The G-days will be held in Cairo between December 8th and 10th for G-Egypt, and in Amman between December 12th and 14th for G-Jordan.

Both events are 3-day conferences, with each day catering to a different audience. Day 1 is for Computer Science Students and Professors, Day 2 is for Software Developers, and Day 3 is for tech entrepreneurs, small businesses, and marketers. Chris will be discussing “Work in Open Source” each day, so there are lots of opportunities for attendees to listen to his talk or introduce themselves.

Registration for G-Egypt and G-Jordan is currently full, but you can discover other events coming up near you on our Google Developer Events Calendar.

By Ellen Ko, Open Source Team