Open-sourcing Traditional Chinese IME on Android

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Traditional Chinese IME on Android is a 20% IME project initiated in Google’s Taipei office and it is now open sourced on Google Code. It includes Zhuyin and Cangjie, two dominant input methods for Traditional Chinese users.
This project is based on the Android input method framework, like the open-sourced LatinIME, and its codebase is kept small, readable, and open source under an Apache license.

For people interested in building up a new input method over this project, see how ZhuyinIME and CangjieIME extend AbstractIME and create their respective Editor and WordDictionary subclasses to compose Traditional Chinese characters.

There is still much room for improvement, and we are currently working on two features:

1. How to support English suggestions without duplicating LatinIME data.
2. How to map Zhuyin’s 41 keys onto the QWERTY 26-key layout for hardware keyboard.

If you have comments or questions, please see android-traditional-chinese-ime and send them to us. Thanks!