Google Annotations Gallery

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Google Annotations Gallery is an exciting new Java open source library that provides a rich set of annotations for developers to express themselves. Do you find the standard Java annotations dry and lackluster? Have you ever resorted to leaving messages to fellow developers with the @Deprecated annotation? Wouldn't you rather leave a @LOL or @Facepalm instead? If so, then this is gallery for you.

Not only can you leave expressive remarks in your code, you can use these annotations to draw attention to your poetic endeavors. How many times have you written a palindromic or synechdochal line of code and wished you could annotate it for future readers to admire? Look no further than @Palindrome and @Synechdoche.

But wait, there's more. The Google Annotations Gallery comes complete with dynamic bytecode instrumentation. By using the gag-agent.jar Java agent, you can have your annotations behavior-enforced at runtime. For example, if you want to ensure that a method parameter is non-zero, try @ThisHadBetterNotBe(Property.ZERO). Want to completely inhibit a method's implementation? Try @Noop.

If we've whet your appetite for truly expressive annotations, then read on and immerse yourself in the Google Annotations Gallery.

By Leo Deegan, Software Engineering Team

Update: Happy April Fool's Day!