London OS Jam 10: Off-Topic Is the New On-Topic

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another Thursday. Another London Google Open Source Jam. This time the format couldn't have been simpler: Come to Google. Have some beer, have some pizza. Talk about whatever you like.

Here's the lightning talk roundup. 5 minutes apiece:

  • Simon Stewart - Stinky Code Project - How to ruin an open source project.

  • Sam Mbale - Open Source Social Networking.

  • John Ripley - Writing Vorbis from scratch. John's rewriting Vorbis. From scratch. It sounds great.

  • Douglas Squirrel - A day in the life of a check-in. What should happen when someone checks in code. Another energetic superlist from Squirrel (with pictures!).

  • Chris Read - Build tools - Good vs Bad. Chris wants to build a new build tool. We helped him, sorta.

  • DJ Walker-Morgan - Talking to the press about your open source project. Some eye-opening advice from DJ about publicising your project.

  • Nicolas Roard - Gears - Extending the browser!

  • Ade Oshineye - NBL - Ade thinks it's server-side Javascript.

  • William Fulton - Using OpenOffice Spreadsheets for C-style macro processing - Hacking for code generation.

  • Joe Walnes - Lightspeed talk - AJAX web apps. Do it properly: Bookmarkable URLs and MVC design.

  • Simon Stewart. Again - Super lightspeed talk - The roadmap for integrating Selenium and Webdriver.

  • Steev - Minerva home automation.

  • Neil Dunn - Lightspeed talk - The framework chase. Is that new framework really going to simplify your project?

  • Rob Tweed - Mumps. The Swiss Army Knife of databases.

John Ripley. Rewriting Vorbis. From Scratch.

Since 5 minutes can seem like a really long time we also introduced something new: Lightspeed talks! Pow! Don't have enough to fill 5 minutes? Don't have slides? Don't worry! Stand up and say your thing. 30 seconds. 5 seconds. A single word perhaps!

Talks start conversations, conversations start projects, projects are good!

Joe really wanted to spread the message about MVC for AJAX web apps.

Don't know about the London Open Source Jam yet? Where have you been? OS Jam is a free for all, open to anyone, geek night where open source hackers get together to discuss a topic close to their hearts.

Rock on OS Jam! See you next time...

(Update, Nov 7th: Fix spelling of William's last name. Sorry!)