KOffice Projects Rock KDE's Google Summer of Code 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008

This year's Summer of Code has been very succesful for the KOffice project. Working under KDE's auspices, KOffice had the privilege of working with seven students.

Lorenzo Villani has been adding new features to Kexi web forms, while Carlos Licea has worked on making it possible to load KPresenter 1.x (.kpr) documents in KPresenter 2.0. Fredy Yanardi, two time Summer of Code student working with KDE, also tackled improvements to KPresenter, adding notes and presenter views. Lukáš Tvrdý has worked on a Chinese brush simulation for Krita and Fela Winkelmolen on a calligraphy brush for Karbon. Another of our returning students, Pierre Ducroquet, worked on adding ODF support to KWord. And speaking of ODF, Benjamin Cail wrote code to improve the graphics support in libwv2 and to allow direct importing of .doc files into KWord in ODF format.

Our choice of projects in 2008 was dictated less by a desire for flashiness; instead, we were determined to choose those projects most likely to add solid worth to KOffice. Compared to last year, life was easier for our students, when both KOffice and KDE were still under heavy development and every Monday was basically spent on getting the latest binary and source incompatible changes incorporated. This year, only KOffice was a rapidly moving target!

Most importantly, all the students worked directly in the KOffice trunk Subversion repository and their work has been released as part of the tenth alpha release of KOffice 2.0. You may also be interested in our end of term report, which also includes screencasts.

Many congratulations to all of our students and mentors for their tremendous efforts!