A Gaggle of Googlers Are Going to OSCON Next Week

Monday, July 21, 2008

By Cat Allman, Open Source Programs

The Annual O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON ) is returning to Portland, Oregon, USA next week from July 21-25, and like swallows to Capistrano, Googlers will be there in force.

Between speakers, tutorial instructors, demo-ers of cool stuff in our booth, #116, and attendees, we expect to have upwards of 25 Googlers in attendance. Sessions with our speakers and instructors include:

On MONDAY, July 21st
PHP Extension Writing, Marcus Boerger, and Practical Test-driven Development, Josh McAdams.

On TUESDAY, July 22nd
An Open Source Startup in Three Hours, Gavin Doughtie, Porting to Python 3.0, Anthony Baxter, and People for Geeks, a panel including Brian Fitzpatrick, Ben Collins-Sussman, plus Tuesday evening is the annual Google O’Reilly Open Source Awards.

On WEDNESDAY, July 23rd
Subversion Worst Practices, Ben Collins-Sussman and Brian Fitzpatrick, Code Reviews for Fun and Profit, Alex Martelli, An Open Source Project Called 'Failure', a panel with Ben Collins-Sussman and Brian Fitzpatrick, Google XML Pages (GXP), Laurence Gonsalves and Harry Heymann, and The Google Open Source Update, Chris DiBona and Leslie Hawthorn.

On THURSDAY, July 24th
PLUTO: PL/SQL Unit Testing for Oracle, Josh McAdams, General Lightning Talks, lead by Anthony Baxter, Do You Believe in the Users?, Ben Collins-Sussman and Brian Fitzpatrick, CSS for High Performance JavaScript UI, Gavin Doughtie, Even Faster Web Sites, Steve Souders, and (The Lack of) Design Patterns in Python, Joe Gregorio.

On FRIDAY, July 25th
Open Source and Standards, Joe Gregorio

If you have questions about Google and Open Source, come on down. Hope to see you there.