Content Licenses Now Available for Your Open Source Project

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Open source projects often consist of much more than just source code. Resources like documentation and artwork are a significant component of many projects, but sometimes licenses designed for source code are not very appropriate for sharing these resources. To that end we have now made it possible for projects hosted on to choose a content license in addition to their source code license.

Content license choices include the Creative Commons Attribution license and the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license. You can use this setting to indicate the terms under which your project's non-source code materials may be distributed. Just look for the "separate content license" checkbox and select box in the "Administer" tab of your project. The setting is also available when you're creating a project.

If you choose a content license for your project, we will display it along with your source code license on your project's home page. This will make it clear to everyone the terms by which they can share your project's content, including wiki pages.