Moodle's Runner Ups

Thursday, February 28, 2008

You may remember that we featured the Drupal project's runner ups for the Google Highly Open Participation Contest (GHOP) last week. This week, we're delighted to showcase the accomplishments of some additional student participants, all of whom worked with the Moodle community.

Helen Foster, Moodle's Community Manager, writes:

Rowan Chakoumakos

In addition to creating eight video tutorials for Moodle and developing a database module preset, Rowan Chakoumakos' Moodle community involvement has been outstanding. Rowan has participated in forum discussions, reported bugs that he came across, and has made a great many documentation page edits. Furthermore, Rowan has even set up a site for hosting Moodle tutorials at

Szymon Kalasz

Szymon Kalasz has made a valuable contribution to the Polish Moodle community in translating Moodle documentation into Polish and improving the Polish language pack. Szymon has also internationalized the Jmol (molecular visualisation) filter and has created two video tutorials for Moodle.

Kevin Xu

Kevin Xu has shown real talent in creating entertaining, easy-to-follow video tutorials. In addition, Kevin has made worthwhile contributions to Moodle's documentation and has participated in forum discussions. Kevin has even designed a cool Web 2.0 Moodle logo.

Congratulations to Rowan, Szymon and Kevin, as well as all the rest of Moodle's GHOP students, for their many accomplishments!