qsim integrates with NVIDIA cuQuantum SDK to accelerate quantum circuit simulations on NVIDIA GPUs

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

To make quantum computers useful, we need algorithms which cleverly use the unique properties of quantum hardware to solve problems intractable on classical computers. High performance quantum circuit simulation helps researchers and developers around the world build and test novel quantum algorithms. We recently launched major new features in qsim, Google Quantum AI’s open source quantum circuit simulator, that make it more performant, intuitive, and realistic.

Today, we are excited to announce an integration between qsim and the NVIDIA cuQuantum SDK. This integration will enable qsim users to make the most of GPUs when developing quantum algorithms and applications. NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang announced the integration between Google Quantum AI's open source software stack and NVIDIA's cuQuantum SDK in the NVIDIA GTC conference keynote this morning.

To use the cuQuantum SDK with qsim, users can follow the usual workflow for simulating quantum circuits on a virtual machine, enabling cuQuantum in their simulation command.

Moving image depicting steps to create a quantum circuit setup Google Compute Engine and simulate circuit with qsim(cuQuantum SDK enabled) on GCP

Get started with quantum algorithm development using qsim+cuQuantum and the rest of the Google Quantum AI open source stack here.

By Sergei Isakov, Catherine Vollgraff Heidweiller (Google Quantum AI)