Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Every year after Google Summer of Code (GSoC) has come to an end, we invite two mentors from each of that year’s participating organizations to visit Google’s Mountain View, CA headquarters and take part in the GSoC Mentor Summit—a three day unconference. There, they commingle with over 300 of their fellow mentors and organization administrators to talk shop and have some fun.  During the 2013 GSoC Mentor Summit last October, we asked attendees from a variety of projects if they would take a few minutes out of their weekend to tell us more about their organization’s experience with Google Summer of Code.

Topics discussed in the videos include:
  • a description of their organization and what they do
  • the organization’s experience and history with GSoC
  • some of the projects students worked on during the 2013 program
  • types of projects they want students to work on in future GSoC programs
  • how the org has benefited from participating in GSoC
  • progressing from GSoC student to GSoC mentor
Below you can find a playlist with the mentor and organization administrator videos:

We recently announced the over 1300 students accepted into the GSoC 2014 program. We hope these videos will help mentors, students and future GSoC participants learn more about the program and the type of projects available to work on.  In addition, all of these organizations would be thrilled to have new contributors outside of GSoC so please check them out to see if there is a project that interests you.

A huge thank you to Brian Grady for filming and editing these videos for us.

By Stephanie Taylor, Open Source Programs