Google Summer of Code Veteran Orgs: openSUSE

Friday, January 10, 2014

Everything is about the number 10. For our tenth guest post, written by veteran Google Summer of Code Org Admins, the openSUSE folks talk about their 10 successful student projects for summer 2013.
Google Summer of Code 2013 was the sixth year openSUSE participated as a mentoring organization in the program. We were happy to have 10 of our student projects completed successfully. Our students put in a lot of effort writing code, documenting it and in the process, learning a lot over the summer.

Below is a short summary of the work our students completed this summer:
1.) Xystushi created a Git review system. A lot of code has been refactored from the ground up, important bugs fixed and new features have been added.
2.) Kshitij developed tools for AppArmor Profiling. The command line versions have been created for all the tools. There were some setbacks on the YaST based GUI frontend, but the overall project was successful. Kshitij will be working to complete the GUI based tools in the coming weeks.
3.) Akif Khan wrote a standalone application that can perform automatic resizing of File System and Logical Volumes. This tool can be called by the package manager during installation when encountering a low space exception. The tool can also perform automatic resizing if the free space required by a user for a particular volume decreases below a certain level.
4.) The music app for ownCloud that Morris Jobke developed this summer lets you scan, browse and listen to your music. The final polish on the app is scheduled for the next ownCloud release.
5.) Periklis Natansis wrote a new campaign mission for the game Hedgewars, which is about a hedgehog’s journey in the stars to save his home planet. It will be included in the next Hedgewars release.
6.) Gyula Petrovics wrote a MySQL destination driver for syslog-ng.
7.) Tihamér Petrovics created a Redis Destination for syslog-ng.
8.) Shayon Mukherjee worked on creating a Discussion System for the Open Build Service(OBS). The project has already been integrated with the OBS, and is proving very useful to packagers and maintainers. He wrote a series of blog posts at the end of GSoC, detailing his experiences.
9.) Stella Rouzi created the OSEM, Open Source Event Management system. This has system has already been tried and tested during the recent openSUSE Conference in July, and the upcoming openSUSE Summit. The system was well received at the openSUSE Conference, and all visitors got a first hand demonstration on registering, submitting talks, managing schedules, etc. OSEM will be the backbone of future openSUSE Conferences and Summits.
10.) Raghu Nayyar created a User Management Application for ownCloud. The project has been completed and integrated with the ownCloud Code.

Thanks to our awesome students who keep the spirit of open source and open source communities alive. You guys rock!! Many thanks to the mentors who took valuable time out of their busy schedules to assist the students. A lot of appreciation goes to Google for managing the program year in and year out; Google Summer of Code really is an awesome program. We will most certainly apply in 2014 for the 10th year of the program.

By Saurabh Sood, openSUSE Organization Administator