Geek Time with Andrew Tridgell

Friday, March 9, 2012

Andrew Tridgell is a creator of Samba and rsync. Jeremy Allison, Samba co-creator and part of the Google Open Source Programs Office interviewed Andrew at the SambaXP 2011 conference for some quality Geek Time. The two have known each other for many years so there was plenty to talk about. Here are some highlights:

Jeremy asks Andrew how he feels as they approach 20 years of Samba. (0:38)

Andrew discusses what to expect from Samba 4. (1:58)

Andrew chats about the key focus of Samba in recent years. (3:05)

Jeremy asks Andrew to give highlights from his talk at Linux Conf Australia where he talked about the danger software patents pose to free software projects. (6:15)

Andrew talks about how he'd like to see a public forum for the free software community to talk about patent issues. (9:05)

Jeremy asks Andrew to discuss his transition from regular student to free software icon and how he recommends other developers get started in the free software community and become valuable contributors. (10:40)

Jeremy asks why not get started just by reading other people's code? (14:05)

Thanks to Fabian Scherschel of Sixgun Productions for operating the camera.

By Stephanie Taylor, Google Open Source Programs