Google Body becomes Zygote Body; built on open source 3D viewer

Monday, January 9, 2012

Google Body was built by Google engineers in their “20% time” and was retired along with Google Labs last year. Today we’re pleased to announce that the software underlying Google Body is now open source.

Zygote Media Group, which provided the imagery for Google Body, has used this open source code to build Zygote Body ( Zygote Body offers the same navigation, layering, and instant search as Google Body. Like Google Body, Zygote Body can be used in browsers that support WebGL, like Chrome and Firefox, without needing to install additional software.

To support the release of Zygote Body, the Google Body team built a new open source 3D viewer, now available at This viewer provides a standard way to create and view 3D models in a Web browser, with multiple layers and instant search. A sample model (by 3D artist Leo White) is included; Google Body users may recognize it as the Google Cow, first seen on April Fool's Day 2011.

By Roni Zeiger, Google Body 20% team