Simian Update Released

Friday, November 4, 2011

Simian, the enterprise-class Mac OS X package management solution, released an updated version this week at MacTech. Originally open sourced at Macworld in January by Google, the latest version adds some significant new features. The new version of Simian is available through Google Code with source also available here.

Since the initial release a little over 10 months ago, we've added:
  • Apple software update catalog management
  • Apple software update iCal feed/integration
  • Dynamic targeting of clients
  • Dynamic Manifest Mod API: no more manual tech personnel fulfillment
  • Better troubleshooting of broken clients
  • Many reporting enhancements
For more details, please join the discussion list. The Simian team will also be hosting Google Hangout office hours on a regular basis; for details please check the Simian Google Code page.

By Jeff Bates, Open Source IT Program Manager with John Randolph and Justin McWilliams, Google Corporate Platforms Engineering Team