Umit Project 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Umit Project is an international open source organization focused on network monitoring, with the goal of making life easier for network administrators and others who need to be aware of what is happening in their networks. The project developed out of in 2005, becoming an independent organization in 2007.

Umit Project has been a proud participant in Google Summer of Code™ since 2005. This year Umit Project participates in Google Summer of Code again with two students working on the Nmap Security Scanner.

In 2009, Umit Project received more good proposals than allocated slots, and students contacted us wishing to accomplish their projects even without funding through Google Summer of Code. To address this need, we created Umit Summer of Code (USoC) to enable those "extra" motivated students to participate in our project. Even without a stipend, the students accomplished their projects and they're still contributing in our community.

This year we have decided to operate the USoC program again, and everyone is welcome to join us! Check out more details about it at Umit's blog.

By Luis A. Bastiao Silva, Umit Project Lead Developer and former Google Summer of Code Mentor