Living La Vida LibrePlanet

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The LibrePlanet Conference will be held next week, March 19th-21st, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Google Open Source Programs Office's Leslie Hawthorn will be participating in the lively discussions about software that the user can share, modify and distribute. On Sunday, Leslie will be talking about Free Software Mentoring at 11 AM as part of the Women's Caucus which is dedicated to increasing the participation of women in free software. Leslie participated in the last Women's Caucus and we're excited to see the community continue the great work that was started there. Also at the Women's Caucus, you can check out Google Summer of Code™ alumna Selena Decklemann's speaker training workshop, along with her lightning talk on skillful soldering.

Come by and learn about practical steps in free software advocacy!