Podcast with the Pythonistas

Friday, May 30, 2008

Coding officially kicked off this week for all of our Google Summer of Code™ students, and in solidarity we're kicking off this season of the Summer of Code podcasts.

For Episode 16, we were joined by Titus Brown and James Tauber from the Python Software Foundation (PSF). Courtesy of these two veteran mentors, you'll learn about the history of the PSF in Summer of Code, tips on effective cat mentor & student herding, and the impact that Summer of Code and the Google Highly Open Participation Contest™ have had on the Python community.

Many thanks to James and Titus for joining us!

You can download the podcast in mp3 or ogg formats. Then again, why not subscribe to it?

We're very excited to be bringing these podcasts to the community once again, and we hope that this podcast is a great start to a weekend of hacking for all of our students. We always love to hear your feedback, so let us know your thoughts. In particular, we'd like to know which projects you'd like to hear more about in future episodes.